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    • Includes 1~ 1 1/2 inch Brass Ring (gold ),1 ~ Prayer/explanation card 3 ~ 6mm cords attached to the brass ring ready to braid. (cut at 24 inches ) Please note they will be shorter after braiding.1~ Organza bag 1 ~ White ribbon to tie at the end.
    • Marriage is more than 2 people. You become the Part of the Trinity when you and your spouse bring CHRIST in the relationship. Christ is the spiritual and emotional foundation of each marriage. Bible verse Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 shows how the importance of Christian relationships. Not just with each other, but with CHRIST.
    • Purple Strand - Represents the Groom as he becomes the stronghold of the marriage through Christ. Vows are not just to the wife, but also to God. The groom agree to love and honor his wife. Doing so honoring and glorifying HIM.
    • Gold Strand ( Middle strand) - Represents The divinity of God. This covenant relationship is initiated by Him, will be built under His authority, and is intended to glorify Him through Christ. With Christ in the Center, your marriage and relationship with Him will be grounded to glorify Him. Through Christ, you can't be undone with HIM in the center.
    • White Strand - Represents the Bride. She has submitted to Him and is cleansed and purified. Honoring thy husband and putting the faith in the marriage in God's hands. Honoring and loving thy husband shows she is glorifying HIM.

    Divinity Braid TRADITIONAL SHORT Cord of Three Strands #Cordof3 #DivinityBraid

    SKU: 019321947352
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