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About Jeanie 

I started in the wedding floral business about 30 years ago. After finding I was allergic to most floral, with much support of my husband, I started the Divinity Braid while we ran our other business. Some of you locals will see me sometimes at the venues helping hubby.   Being in the wedding field I have always kept up with current trends and well and keeping with the traditional ceremony items too.  I specialize in handfasting cords.  Bridging the gap from old world style to a more modern take of the elegant tradition.  I do evolve cords and new items as time allows.  Everything here is made by me.  This shop is me, that way if something goes wrong (rare but sometimes it can with shipping)  This is possible from the lovingly positive support of my husband, Mark. 

One of the main suppliers of the charms and ribbon ends will be going out of business at the end of this year.  I do have a good amount of stock, ideally to make it that long.  Celtic charms will be affected.  I am working with another supplier to make exclusive charms and ribbons to my shop, that will take some time before I have them in my shop.  Bear with me as that transition happens.  THANK YOU.   Looking forward to seeing what the cords next level of evolution will be with the new supplier.  :) 

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