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    • Includes 1 Prayer card 4x6, 1~ Silver(steel) ring 3 ~ 6mm cords attached to the brass ring ready to braid. One yard of each color is used. Ends are heat sealed to prevent fraying. .Will be shorter than 36 inches after braiding. ( It will depend on how tight you braid the final size) 1~ organza bag 1 ~ ribbon to tie at the end
    • Lavender strand represents the bride and her pledge to Love & Honor the marriage
    • White strand (middle), represents the divinity of GOD showing each bride and groom woven with god
    • Silver strand represents the groom as he becomes the stronghold of the marriage through Christ
    • Email me for a custom cord 

    Divinity Braid Lavender Silver Cord of Three Strands #DivinityBraid

    SKU: 640841951156
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