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    • This Wedding Handfasting Cord is  Elegantly hand Braided with a high-quality double-faced satin ribbon.  It makes this handfasting cord a chic keepsake. I use the 5/8"ribbon and is very beautiful and dainty.   It is the simplicity that adds to the sophistication.  It's hand-braided to 6 ft braided in 5/8"  double-faced satin ribbon in Navy Blue, Silver & White accents with  Silver-Tone Dragons (one on each side) attached to TierraCast Ribbon Ends to complete this elegant look for this cord.    Easy to wrap and tie for the vows. This classy cord is lovely for such a beautiful ceremony.   Great for the traditional vows of the handfasting.  (Or renewing your vows) Makes a Great prop for pics after the ceremony. Comes with Organza Bag. **Props are NOT included! ~*~*~*~ Shoot me a quick email to request changes to this cord, or your own idea to fit your theme.

    Navy Dragon Wedding Handfasting V4 Cord #DivinityBraid #Handfasting

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