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  • Elegant. Chic. Sospicatied. Traditional Pagan Handfasting 13 cord set all braided under the Full Moon.  This Set of 13  hand-braided and blessed are  1/4" high-quality double face satin ribbon. No charms or tassels included. (see other listings for charmed sets ) About 3 ft (approximation) in length. Looks great in a shadow box around your wedding photography. 3ft,(36 inches)  Works nicely in ceremonies where officiant hasn't had as much practice for the larger cords Or needs more hand motion. ( also great to have other family members or important guests to wrap while officiant reads the vows)  Many officiants are holding a book and sometimes a microphone too. This helps with less to tie.  The colors and meanings based on tradition (you can choose your colors to have your meaning in a custom order as it's your energy and aurora that makes the bonds) **Note the color could be a variation of the color/cord pictured/listed.  Example If I am low on brown, then I use stone. Low on Hot Pink, I will use a Bright Pink.  If low in Bright Yellow, i will use a softer yellow.  It still keeps with the meanings, just goes by stock when these are braided. 


     Colors :

    *White - purity, peace, meditation, concentration 

     *Silver - creativity, values, treasure, inspiration

    *Pewter - canceling, balance, neutrality 

    *Orange - encouragement, attraction, kindness, plenty

    *Red - passion, lust, fertility, strength

    *Green - finance, fertility, charity, health, prosperity

    *Blue - tranquility, patience, devotion, sincerity

    *Black - strength, wisdom, success, vision

    *Brown - telepathy, earth, talent, grounding, home

    *Yellow - charm, joy, balance, confidence, 

    *Gold - wealth, energy, longevity, intelligence

    *Purple - power, sentimentality, sanctity piety 

    *Hot Pink - romance, honor, happiness, truth, unity

    Comes with Organza Bag. (PROPS ARE NOT INCLUDED)

    Divinity Braid 13 cord Handfasting set #HandfastingCord #Wedding

    Charm Metal Finish
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