• Please read all listing details & shop announcement  :D Hello.  Please review the shop announcement so you have delivery times :)  THANK YOU!!!  

     One custom Lego Minifig  Groom or Ringbearer made with all official lego pieces .

    ~*~*~* LEGAL TERMS.... PLEASE note that LEGO set the age recommendation for 5+.  Adult supervision is required.  These do HAve small parts that could be a choking hazard.  If you choose to purchase for a child under the age recommendation, that is your responsibility. 

    Perfect for the Lego Couple having the Lego Wedding.  

    Each One comes with a ring. 

    Makes a great gift for the Ring Bearer  
    Also great but the guestbook.   

    YOUR CHOICE OF TORSO ( see drop down menu) 
    All details will need given in buyer's notes.  (or email me before purchase)

    What I need to make your custom lego guy :  
    Also, Let me know if you want short legs ( I recommend for ringbearers under age of 7 and no shoes as its looks weird LOL)  Or the Standard "adult" legs as in main pic ( recommended for ringbearers over age 7)

    WHEN NEEDED!  This is in case I need to order any items to make it perfect.  Please give me the DATE NEEDED  :D :D   PLEASE note hair color and date needed in buyer's notes. :)

    Hair for each (color & length style)

    Faces: I need to know if Groom  has  facial hair ( color too please) If purchasing for Groomsmen  (doesn't apply if it's for ringbearers)  RIngbearers I use the freckles or basic smile ( if they wear glasses please let me know)

    My stock changes daily.   Please make sure I have desired delivery date in buyer's notes.  

    ~*~*~* Email me if you have questions~*~*~  Color settings on screen may vary from real life color.  Screens are all calibrated differently on colors.  Not responsible for screen colors variations. ~*~*~**~*~*~*~ Please Note if selected torso 16 ,  you are also selecting BROWN pants.  brown short legs may not be in stock.  ( when short legs are selected)   If you don't answer emails, adult legs will be sent instead when short is out of stock for the timeframe)

    Custom Lego Ringbearer