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  • Nature Element themed Handfasting cord Set 

    Please take a moment to review the shop announcement too  :D

    Set of 5 Braided Satin 1/4" ribbon in each About 3 ft  in length.  (colors are listed further down in listing)

    Cords :  

    1. Navy Blue 

    2. Copen Blue ( or similiar blue)

    3. Brown

    4. Leaf  Green

    5 . ALL White   ( tad longer as this one finalizes the ceremony) with Celtic Tree of Life Charms (shown in Brass , you can choose pewter as well)

    Comes with Organza Bag.  ( My choice of color.  It will match the  color theme )
    *~*~* Yes you can request color & charm changes.  Please email me 1st so we can verify these details)

    Elegant Braided ribbon it makes a beautiful dainty handfasting cord. I use the ribbon stated above.  ( I do reserve the right to upgrade ribbon its size listed is out of stock )  Very beautiful and elegant in its simplicity. Order as is or ask me for a custom listing :)  Beautiful ceremony to bridge many traditions.  Most couples use for their personal vows. Ask me if you have questions or need suggestions  :)    I do attempt to braid during the full moon to infuse the power of the lunar energy into the cords.   (part of the old world tradition)
    ~*~*~*~ VERY IMPORTANT ~*~*~*~ I prefer to braid during the full moon cycle. That doesn't mean it HAS to be done then as the importance of this varies by couple. Please include your ceremony date or desired delivery date in the buyer's notes. :)  

    6 Cord Nature Element Theme V1 Handfasting Cord set #HandfastingCord

    Charm Metal Finish
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