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  • SET OF 6, 3ft cords.

    SET OF 6, 3ft cords.

    Pagan Handfasting cord Set Set of 6 Braided Satin 5/8" ribbon in each About 3 ft in length. (colors are listed further down in listing) Cords : 
    1. Black, White, Black 
    2. Yellow, Green, Red 
    3. Purple, Grey, Green 
    4. Blue, Yellow, Red 
    5. Green, Blue, Black
     6 . ALL WHITE with  Pewter Celtic Tree of Life Charms 

    Comes with Organza Bag.

    ***  Email me for a custom cord request to fit your needs
    Makes a Great prop for pics after the ceremony. Comes with Organza Bag. 

    **Props are NOT included

    ~*~*~*~  Shoot me a quick email to request changes to this cord, or your own idea to fit your theme.~*~*~ Please request changed to cords BEFORE purchase , supply chain is slow right now, I want to be sure what you request is in stock :)  THANKS  :D

    6 Cord Wedding Handfasting Cord set #HandfastingCord

    Charm Metal Finish
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