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  • SET OF 6, 3ft cords.

    BOLD themed Handfasting cord Set ~*~*~*~ Elegant Braided ribbon its makes a beautiful dainty handfasting cord. I use the 5/8" ribbon Very beautiful and elegant in its simplicity. Order as is or ask me for a custom listing :) Beautiful ceremony to bridge many traditions. Most couples use for their personal vows. Ask me if you have questions or need suggestions :) I do attempt to braid during the full moon to infuse the power of the lunar enegry into the cords. ( part of the old world tradition) ~*~*~*~*~ Set of 5 Braided Satin 5/8" ribbon in each About 3 ft in length. (colors are listed further down in listing) Cords: 1. NAVY 2. MOSS GREEN 3. HUNTER GREEN 4. GOLDEN BROWN 5 LILAC 6 IVORY with Celtic Tree of Life Charms in BRASS ( GOLD) ~*~*~*~* Looks great in a shadow box around your wedding photography. Works nicely in ceremonies where the officiant hasn't had as much practice for the larger cords. Or needs more hand motion. Many officiants are holding a book and sometimes a microphone too. This helps with less to tie. Other colors are available upon request... Comes with Organza Bag.

    Makes a Great prop for pics after the ceremony. Comes with Organza Bag. 

    **Props are NOT included

    ~*~*~*~  Shoot me a quick email to request changes to this cord, or your own idea to fit your theme.~*~*~ Please request changed to cords BEFORE purchase, the supply chain is slow right now, I want to be sure what you request is in stock :)  THANKS  :D

    6 Cord BOLD Theme V4 Handfasting Cord set #HandfastingCord

    Charm Metal Finish
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