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    • This Wedding Handfasting Cord is Elegantly hand Braided with high-quality double-faced satin ribbon.  It makes this handfasting cord a chic keepsake. I use the 5/8"ribbon and is very beautiful and dainty.   Its the simplicity that adds to the sophistication.  Its hand-braided to 6 ft braided in 5/8" double-faced satin ribbon in  Dusty Blue , Navy&   Ivory,  with 4 Charms in total in Silver Finishes:  2 Celtic Cross, & 2 small terriacast Celtic heart knots  Celtic Knots ( 2 of each charm on each side)     Easy to wrap and tie for the vows. This classy cord is lovely for such a beautiful ceremony.   Great for the traditional vows of the handfasting.  (Or renewing your vows) Makes a Great prop for pics after the ceremony. Comes with Organza Bag. **Props are NOT included!

    4 Charm Dusty Navy Celtic Wedding Handfasting Cord

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