• Looking for a wonderful celebration after your first kiss? Bubbles are slippery and nobody remembers to blow them, your venue charges extra to clean up confetti and getting pelted in the face with rice or birdseed kinda hurts. Imagine instead being greeted with a waving sea of vibrant color as you take your first steps down the aisle as a married couple! Each of our festive, elegant and delightfully jingly handmade Ribbon Wands features: * 12-inch Birch Wood Wand * Three 24-inch Satin Ribbon Streamers, per wand (total ribbon length- finished product may be shorter) * 7/8" Metal Bell * High-Quality Materials * Elegantly Knotted and Securely Affixed ..... We offer a vast array of popular wedding colors for our satin ribbon. These ribbons are cut and professionally heat-sealed to prevent fraying, then securely affixed to sturdy and smooth birch wands and topped with a metal bell. The bell makes a cheerful, but soft, jingle that won’t interfere with the recessional music that you worked so hard to pick out.

    25 Triple Wedding Bell Wands Mystic Wisteria & Silver #WeddingWands

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    • All items are made to order when order is placed.   Production time is 1 to 14 business days.  ( not calender days) .  Depends on orders ahead of you how fast they go out in that timeframe :)    If you need ASAP, please contact me for a rush order.  :)